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PACE Youth Programs, Inc.
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Erin Akin Carroll —
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Welcome to
The official web site of Rich Smith's music and other works. Rich Smith is a composer, songwriter, performer, and producer residing in the Los Angeles area. 'Rich Smith's improvisational skills are absolutely mesmerizing...he takes you on an unforeseen and unexpected journey into a sound world that runs the gamut from classical to jazz to the more popular vein. Listening to Rich is a joy.' ~ Steve Linder, Former Manager, Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. 'Beautiful music, diverse, passionate, original, masterfully played, innovative, very visual and cinematic. Inspiring and uplifting to the soul. You get wrapped up in it and it carries you on.' ~ Christine Sofiane, Soprano
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Travel the World of International Wine at le Petit Chateau Inn Charming Dutchess County New York B& B Lodging Accommodations
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4x4 Community Member Patooyee's Brain Dump
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Erin Akin Carroll —
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